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November 20, 2024

Mapping Minds, Shaping the World: 25 Years of GIS Excellence

Celebrate 25 years of GIS Day

GIS Day is a day dedicated to showing, teaching, and inspiring others. Host an event to spread enthusiasm and help people learn how to use GIS for themselves—in their work, in their schools, where they volunteer, or even for their hobbies and interests.

Follow the timeline of the history of geographic information systems and discover Esri’s contributions.

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Short timeline of GIS development with photos of GIS pioneers

Mapping Minds, Shaping the World

This year’s theme highlights how geographic information system (GIS) technology has changed the way we perceive, navigate, and shape our world. It shows how combining human creativity with technology helps us discover hidden trends, support sustainable growth, and make smarter decisions using the power of location data.


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