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GIS Day resources for event hosts

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Green fields, trees, and mountains swirling in a circle with a white splash at the center, the whole surrounded by smiling people using a tablet, laptop, and podcasting equipment

How we help

We want to help you put together a fun and successful event. Resources for promotion and a set of activities to use during your event are provided. Esri grants you and your organization permission to use and reproduce any or all of the GIS Day materials found on this website in support of your local event and efforts.

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Promotional resources

Bring attention to your event by putting up some GIS Day posters where your audience will see them. You can also personalize your event promotions using these GIS Day templates.




Interested in our promotional posters? Visit our archive to discover more.

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Digital Swag

Take your GIS Day celebration to the next level with Esri’s downloadable swag, which includes activities for all ages and ideas from previous events.

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