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Green fields, trees, and mountains swirling in a circle with a white splash at the center, the whole surrounded by smiling people using a tablet, laptop, and podcasting equipment

Digital Swag Bag

Esri Map Gallery

Tour an expansive collection of beautiful, innovative maps created by our global user community. Each showcases the powerful capabilities of GIS technology and tells stories you’ll want to explore.

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GIS for Science

This site is the online companion to volume 3 of GIS for Science: Maps for Saving the Planet and volumes 1 and 2 of GIS for Science: Applying Mapping and Spatial Analytics. The stories in this book series are written for professional scientists; the swelling ranks of citizen or resident scientists; and anyone interested in science, geography, and the conservation of nature. 

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Creative activities

Keep the family entertained with our downloadable coloring pages. Select from a variety of options like wild animals, maps, and our favorite map characters like Lindsey the GIS Professional.  

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Zoom backgrounds

Add to your digital swag with our screen savers, webinar backdrops, and wallpapers.

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